Sludge Conditioning Tank

Sludge conditioning is carried out in order to facilitate water loss during mechanical drying, making it more efficient and cost-effective. The addition of chemicals reduces the water content of sludge.

The Sludge Conditioning Tank (TAF) by Toro Equipment is a vertical, cylindral FRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester)  tank than allows the chemical conditioning of sludge greatly facilitates the filtration and settling processes.

The floccules are achieved by means of the addition of flocculent reagents and maintaining the mix in a state of light agitation over a certain period.

Once pretreatment of the sludge has been completed, dewatering by means of Filter Press.


  • An agitator is used for sludge agitation and mixing. The operation of the agitator is controlled from the general switchboard of the plant.
  • The FRP tank has got a visible measurement strip to enable sludge levels to be monitored visually.
  • The conditioning tank is equipped with level gauging systems to indicate the sludge level at a given time:

– Minimum level: to ensure that the agitator is not operating when the tank is empty.

– Maximum level: to ensure that sludge does not overflow.

Process Sludge Conditioning Tank


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Measures Sludge Conditioning Tank Specifications Sludge Conditioning Tank
  •  Agitator wrapped in bubble wrap.
  •  Fixing using straps inside the truck to immobilize it during transport.
  •  Equipment identified.

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