W-Tank® Settler

Valladolid Plate

The plates of  settler W-Tank® are manufactured by flex molding process.

The Flex Molding process is used to obtain reinforced plastic pieces with high glass fiber content, arranged in the direction of the stress, which leads to high mechanical strength.

It consists of injecting a reactive polymer under pressure into the mold which contains the reinforcement in form of fibers, all of which is done in a controlled vacuum environment.

This process of impregnation (Flex Molding) is used to build pieces in a closed mold, making it an ecological process by eliminating emissions and consumables.


Valladolid Plate:
  • It is specifically for settling tanks with a channel to be filled with self-levelling concrete.
  • Included a weir kit to incorporate in the plate Valladolid: canal, Thompson spillway and floating deflector.
  • The Valladolid Plate is highly resistant to buckling, thanks to the reinforcement of the isothermal body: which allows to carry the weight of the bridge.
  • Clean and hygienic settling tanks, easy to install and maintain.
  • Weight of the plate depends on Ø and height. Max weight: 250 kg/plate.
Process W-Tank® Settler


Storage bolted and settling tank
Settling tank in cheese industry
Specifications W-Tank® Settler
Composition of the plate from inside to outside:
  • Chemical barrier achieved with:
  1.  Isophthalic Top Coat, 600 microns (nautical quality). Treated to withstand UVA.
  2. Glass cap of 1 mm 150 gr/m², special isophthalic resin enrichment in Stratified with high content in   high-tensile glass using isophthalic resins.
  • Laminated high glass content of high tensile modulus performed on isophthalic resins.
  • External chemical barrier: isophthalic Gel Coat 600 microns (nautical quality). Treated to withstand UVA.
The isophthalic resin is authorized for foodstuff applications, such as drinking water for example. Vinylester can be applied on the inside sheet in case of specific liquids or high temperatures.  


Standard Optional
Optionals table 1 W-Tank® Settler
  • The W-Tank® plates are delivered in metal or wooden boxes, facilitating transportation as a whole.
  • The storage tanks, settling tanks and covers can be transported in 20-foot and 40-foot marine containers as wellas on a conventional truck.
  • The easy transportation allows the W-Tank® to be shipped to any part of the world.

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