Lime Dosing Hopper

The Lime Hopper (TDC) is an equipment made of stainless steel that facilitates lime dosing for the conditioning of sludge produced in wastewater treatment.

The addition of lime makes the sludge inert and increases its porosity.

TDC manufactured by Toro Equipment are specially designed for efficient and reliable dosing.

Discharge takes place directly into a sludge conditioning tank.


  • The dosing unit is fitted with a vibrator.
  • Solid metering apparatus to ensure that the vibrator does not operate without lime.
  • To prevent obstruction of the dosing outlet, the lime hopper is fitted with an air blower system.
Process Lime Dosing Hopper


Hopper lime Draco in WWTP
Measures Lime Dosing Hopper Specifications Lime Dosing Hopper
  • Protection with  anti moisture absorbent bags in engines areas.
  • Black film wrapping for UV protection.
  • Equipment placement on a pallet for easy transportation
  • Possibility of transport in wood packaging for shipping.

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