Defender® Lamellar Settler

Lamellar settler is designed for the continuous separation of sediments from water and they have two basic purposes: to increase the settling area and to obtain a laminar flow.

The concept of the lamellar settler is based on the fact that the surface load (m³/m²/day) of a freefall settling tank does not depend on its depth. It is therefore possible to increase the capacity of a settling tank by dividing it, there by creating a number of “settling tanks”, or by using plates inclined at a certain angle.

Decanteur lamellaire Toro Equipment
Process Defender® Lamellar Settler
Measures Defender® Lamellar Settler Specifications Defender® Lamellar Settler


Standard Optional
Optionals table 1 Defender® Lamellar Settler Optionals table 2 Defender® Lamellar Settler
  • DCL-5 fully enclosed protective wooden crate.
  • Protective plastic wrapping of equipment for shipping.
  • DCL 5/10/20 transportable in 20ft container.

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