Anaconda® Flotation System Containerized

Flotation system containerizing Anaconda®, Sludgeway® and Fatflot® equipment:

Compact installation of dissolved air flotation equipment, assembled in a 20´DV or 40´HC container, depending on the size of the equipment that it contains.


  • Defender® rotary screen.
  • Anaconda® dissolved air flotation equipment.
  • Complete chemical-product metering systems.
  • Automatic polyelectrolytic plant.
  • Intermediate pumping tanks and systems.
  • Compressed air equipment for supplying pneumatic equipment.
Process Anaconda® Flotation System Containerized


Containerized Plants Implantation.
Containerized Plants Implantation.
Measures Anaconda® Flotation System Containerized Specifications Anaconda® Flotation System Containerized
  • The dosage pumps included in the compact Anaconda®, Sludgeway® and Fatflot® equipment: are calculated to give standard doses of feed, or similar, waste which can be substituted for other doses more adequate to the application.
  • The dimensions and product specifications might vary slightly, due to the normal development of products by the engineering department of Toro Equipment S.L.
Distribution panel.


Standard Optional
Optionals table 1 Anaconda® Flotation System Containerized

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