Flocculator Pipe

Our Flocculator (FLH) equipment is an option that serves as a supplement to the DAF flotator FRC equipment, increasing its efficiency and performance, thus making it easier to carry out the purification task.

All the models include:

  • Reagent injection point.
  • Polyelectrolytic injection point.
  • Sample-taking taps.
  • PEHD piping.
  • GRP Support with AISI316 steel.
Process Flocculator Pipe


Anaconda® dissolved air flotator with flocculator pipe in PEHD
WWTP with Anaconda® and flocculator pipe
Measures Flocculator Pipe Specifications Flocculator Pipe
Toro Equipment reserves the right to change, without notice, data and characteristics listed in this table.
Polypropylene piping


Standard Optional
Optionals table 1 Flocculator Pipe
  • Inlets and outlets film wrapped.
  • Safety signalling.

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