Draco® Filter Press Contenainerized

Containerizing Draco® press filter equipment:

Compact assembly of our equipment, assembled in a 20´DV or 40´HC container, depending on the size of the equipment that it contains.


  • Lime metering hoppers.
  • Draco® press filters.
  • Complete systems for proportioning chemical products.
  • Sludge treatment tank.
  • Complete system for decanting and pumping sludge to press filter.
  • Transparent intermediate partitions for separating atmospheres.
  • Compressed air equipment for supplying pneumatic equipment.
Process Draco® Filter Press Contenainerized


Skid-Mounted Implantation equipments.
Filter press equipment Implantation.
Measures Draco® Filter Press Contenainerized Specifications Draco® Filter Press Contenainerized
  • The dosage pumps included in the compact Filter Press equipment are calculated to give standard doses of feed, or similar, waste which can be substituted for other doses more adequate to the application.
  • TORO EQUIPMENT, S.L, reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the data and characteristics that appear in this catalog.
Distribution panel.


Standard Optional
Optionals table 1 Draco® Filter Press Contenainerized

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