Emulsified Polyelectrolyte Preparation Plant

The Emulsified Polyelectrolyte Preparation Plant (PAPE) of Toro Equipment is an automatic and compact equipment where takes place the maturation-dosage of liquid polymers.

The PAPE is formed by a main tank manufactured in FRP. In addition, consists of a dispersant to achieve the optimum concentration of liquid polymer, and two dosing pumps, one to introduce the liquid poly into the reservoir and another to get the mixture to use it.

This tank is ready to receive the emulsified polymer solution, which means less time for maturation of the polymer in the interior of the tank to subsequently be dosed to the flocculation processes of urban waste water treatment and industrial.


  • Corrosion free.
  • Less time of mixture maturation.
  • It has a flowmeter to regulate the water inlet flow.
Measures Emulsified Polyelectrolyte Preparation Plant
  • Protection with anti moisture absorbent bags in engines areas.
  • Black film wrapping for UV protection.
  • Equipment placement on a pallet for easy transportation

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