Skid-Mounted and Containerised Treatment Plants

Pre-assembled containers combine the advantages of standard international intermodal transport and the reliability of the equipment developed by Toro Equipment.

A centralized control network in a primary cabinet governs the equipment to enable one to work simply and independently or to jointly take part in a more complex project.

All the containers are equipped with:

  • A heavy duty and anti-corrosive resin floor with slip-proof surface treatment.
  • Insulated walls and ceiling with a 35 mm. thick sandwich-type refrigerated panel.
  • Fireproof pedestrian door with anti-panic system.
  • Interior lighting with IP65 screens.
  • Highly efficient extraction / air-conditioning system adapted to the destination climate zone.
  • Electrical channels under Rejiband-type cable tray with High Resistant treatment, (corrosion proofing greater than hot galvanization) and plastic tubing with high mechanical resistance).
  • RV-K (1 kV) electric power washers.
  • Guttering for collecting cleaning and overflow water.