Why are Anaconda® dissolved air flotation systems so populars in wastewater treatment in food industry?

It is common for industrial wastewater to have an important content of suspended solids, as well as undissolved organic matter and proteins. The dissolved air flotation technology incorporated by DAF Anaconda® systems can solid removal performance levels up to 95%.

In the food industry to eliminate solids in suspension, as well as the separation of oils and grease which is an important problem in the dairy industry, slaughterhouses, the production of meat and fish products, etc.

Often food industries generates corrosive effluents that thanks to the material in which the Anaconda® DAFs are manufactured (Fiberglass) support it with total guarantee. It is a corrosion free material.

Anaconda® offers ranges from 2m3/h up to 600m3/h per unit, and are perfect for working with high solids loads.

Anaconda® DAF Technology can be containerized, becoming real technical buildings that have insulation, floor in GRP, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, access and emergency exits. Ideal for WWTP without civil works, specific moments, points of work and testing, thus offering an urgent response to basic needs.

The dissolved air flotation equipment FRC has many applications in the purification of waste water for practically any type of industry:

  • Following a biological treatment, the FRC float eliminates 30% of the BOD5 and over 70% if a coagulation-flocculation treatment has been done beforehand.
  • In industries with emulsified oil problems, a correct emulsion breaking treatment will prepare the floccules for separation in the float, thus achieving excellent results in the elimination of oils.
  • In the paper industry for separating the pulp within the waste water recycling process.
  • Purification of typical industrial water; after coagulation-flocculation, the sludge is floated, thickened between 6-10% of concentration of dry material and separated.

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