We received AguasResiduales.info in our Dissolved Air Flotators and W-Tank factory.

Last March we received the visit of AguasResiduales.info, at the Villavaquerín factory in Valladolid

The objective: To learn more about the products and developments that Toro Equipment carries out from these facilities. A walk through the Anaconda® Dissolved Air Flotation manufacturing line, where new designs and different DAF ranges are shown. Designs to work from 2m3/h to dissolved air flotation of the FRL range capable of treating up to 600m3/h.

Other areas that have been visited have been the manufacturing part of Containerised Treatment Plants. Authentic technical buildings prepared to house all the necessary equipment to give a correct water treatment to both industrial and urban effluents. Currently a highly in-demand solution for WWTP that is usually combined with W-Tank.

Finally we visited the W-Tank, Settling tanks and Digesters plant. The plates that make up the tank are manufactured using Flex Molding Technology. This manufacturing process applies state of the art technology in the composites sector.

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