Video: Automatic Filter Press Draco FPA 120/50 Closed execution

Filtro Prensa Automatico Draco FPA 120/50 Ejecución cerrada

Lorena Marín, Filter Presses Production Manager, give us some details about the Automatic Filter Press Draco FPA 120/50

This Automatic Filter Press Draco FPA 120/50 Closed Execution has recently delivered to optimize chemical consumption. The high capacity of this Automatic Filter Press Draco, 1567 liters (413,96 gal), also enables to reduce significantly the space of sludge silo.

The Automatic Filter Press works at 8 bars pressure but its design allows to work up to 13 bar overpressure. This Filter Press Closed Execution is going to dewater generated sludge without lime, only adding polyelectrolyte. Despite that, it gets a high dryness, around 35%. The support filter clothes of this filter press facilitate the dropping of sludge cakes.

Closed execution also enables the internal cleaning of the fabrics with CIP system (cleaning in place). This consists in filling the filter press with water and the most suitable product (hydrochloric acid, soda or another chemical). Then, the filter press keeps closed for a period of time (depending on the type of the product and the condition of the clothes). With this cleaning we can save an important labor time because we do not need an operator to clean manually a filter press with 50 plates and more than 10 meters long.

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