Toro Equipment thanks all attendees for their participation in the technical conference on ‘Technology Applications Wastewater Treatment’

The conference that was held in Valladolid, yesterday March 14th, was marked by a great assistance the public.

During the session, among the presentations that were conducted, Mr. Santiago Salcedo, manager director the Toro Equipment, presented rotary screen brand Defender®, range TR 40&63 and TR HPS.

The presentation on the pretreatment focused on the large screen advantages of rotary screen HPS compared to conventional rotary screen or internal screening.

Toro Equipment designs and manufacturers all the equipment for the waste water treatment in our product ranges. Defender® brand pretreatment equipment, rotary sieves, compactors scews, sandremover, Fatflot® brand grease separation equipment, Anaconda® brand dissolved air flotation equipment, Sludgeway® brand sludge thickening equipment and Draco® brand filter press.

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You can see the order of the presentation during the morning here.

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