Toro Equipment supplies eight W-Tank® for a WWTP in meat industry plant in Portugal

Storage and Settling W-Tank® which are manufactured in composite have been installed in a meat industry in Portugal. The WWTP can purify 700m³ per day and is formed by eight tanks which are allocated to different functions.

The first of this water storage tanks is used for homogenize wastewater. The next four, W-Tank® N20 D13 H6 with cover, are allocated to biological treatment. This process is accomplished in two steps which has two tanks for each one. The first step is anoxia: The lack of oxygen in the tank makes matter discompose. Then, in the second step, biological treatment makes bacteria act and purify the water.

After biological treatment, sludge is separated of treated water by gravity in a Settling W-Tank® N11 D7 H2. The purified water is collected in another tank to be chlorinated and re-used. The tanks are composed by modular bolted plates. They are easily assembled and transportable with minimum maintenance and assembly time.

The last one of the eight tanks is a Digester W-Tank®. It is 10 meters in height and 11 meters in diameter. The plates are manufactured with a high thermal insulation that allows it to work with 25 millibars pressure overload. This tank stabilizes sludge by anaerobic digestion. This process reduces sludge, reduces their pathogenic concentration and produces energy.

W-Tank® Digesters, Settling and Bolted Storage Tanks are manufactured with corrosion free bolted plates made in composite. They are very light and easily transportable, dismantled and re-used. They can be installed anywhere in the world with minimal assembly time.

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