Toro Equipment presents the new Automatic Polyelectrolyte Plant PAP-1000

Toro Equipment launches the new Automatic Polyelectrolyte Plant PAP-1000 manufactured in stainless steel.


  • The new machine is made up of three chambers, one of mixed, other of maturation and a third that already includes the mature polyelectrolyte and optimal for use.
  • It has double helix to favour mixing of polyelectrolyte.
  • It has displays that let you see the product in each phases.
  • 100% automatic control and can select the dose directly.
  • Presence of alarms for shortage of product, water and pressure.
  • The hopper admits more than a sack.
  • The arrangement allows to access without stairs to add the polyelectrolyte.
  • You can make a bypass in the chambers to spend the entire product in the stops.
  • Fist filling function.

This model is ideal for containerizations plants.

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