Toro Equipment, MVP e Indemat have been manufactured the Largest Reusable Membrane in Europe

In 2013 Spanish manufacturer Toro Wastewater Equipment Industries made the decision to incorporate Composites into the manufacturing of their newest product W-Tank®® (patented product), and turned to Magnum Venus Products and their distributor MVP-España to learn more about Flex Molding Process.

The ability to build a reusable silicone membrane on their existing mold was a big plus, along with the integrated injection system and accessories that would allow them to infuse a part that was 8 meters x 3 meters. Working with MVP’s RTM/Infusion Technical Specialist Charles Tur, Toro was able to construct their first reusable membrane in one day, and start production with it the next day.

The tremendous success of that first venture prompted Toro Equipment to once again contact Magnum Venus Products et Indemat
to see if they could take on a larger challenge: a 12 meter x 3 meter (36 m2) part using a reusable silicone membrane, for manufacture a bigger W-Tank®
Unlike other reusable membrane building processes, Flex Molding Process was designed to make the membranes as strong, and thin, as possible, while still reducing the “stretch” that can happen over time. By using a technical cloth in the building process, less silicone is needed, the overall membrane weight is significantly reduced, and the membrane retains its shape for a greater period of time. This is especially important when working with very large membranes.

Toro Equipment once again teamed up with MVP and Indemat to manufacture the new membrane that is only 3mm thick. Without the technical cloth incorporated into the membrane, they would have had to build the thickness up to 5 mm, making the membrane significantly more heavy, and approximately 40% more expensive to make.

The new membrane is now in production and producing multiple parts per day. Toro Equipment has plans to work with MVP and Indemat on even larger parts requiring some creative solutions.

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