Toro Equipment, launches its new Corporate Web site

Within its international marketing and expansion plan, Toro Equipment has launched its new corporate Web site.

This project, which has been wholly developed by the Toro Equipment Internet and Marketing and Communications departments, is intended to be an informative web space, together with being a channel between company and possible customers. This Web project is prepared for the constant change and increase in information normally experienced by this type of Web site.

The Web is designed in accordance with the company image. Among these design characteristics, special mention must be made of clarity, simplicity and easy browsing.

The Web site incorporates a content manager, CMS, by which the information is maintained by those responsible for the various departments which, in this way, is filtered, updated and kept uniform. this stored information includes product catalogues and news items among others.

Another point to be emphasised is the high-accessibility of the Web site since it is based on XHMTL and CSS standards. The Web project incorporates a multi-language platform and the first version was launched in English, French and Spanish. Toro Equipment intends to incorporate other languages in the future, among them Rumanian, coinciding with the opening of its commercial office in Romania, and following its accessibility and globalization policy.

The Web site can be accessed using the following URLs: and

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