Toro Equipment inaugurates a new production line of DAF EQUIPMENTS

Toro Equipment inaugurates a new production line for the manufacture of dissolved air flotation equipments of high performance.

The new line is housed in the factory located in Villavaquerín de Cerrato. This Factory has been built recently. The new space consists of 7,000 m2 for the production of dissolved air flotation units, grease separator and sludge thickener equipments.

The new facilities will mean more space for research and development the brands, Anaconda®
, Fatflot® and Sludgeway®, which continue to evolve towards more efficient technology. This expansion will result in a significant increase in the production of such equipment, F.A.D.A.R® technology leaders.

Other production lines will destine the manufacture of a new product, the W-Tank®. It is a modular storage tank, it manufactured in fibreglass resin. W-Tank® is manufactured for capacities up to 2,000 m3 and it offers great advantages to the user.

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