Toro Equipment has launched its new volume range for the w-tank series supported by covers with new diameters

Toro Equipment is a leading European company specialised in the manufacture of equipment used for the industrial and municipal wastewater, water processing, water reuse and sludge treatment industries.

W-Tank® is the realisation of a desire to enable the possibility to install a tank in any location globally in the most efficient and cost-effective way, fast and simple regardless of logistic difficulties or time and space restrictions. The modular design and low weight of the GRP (Glassfibre reinforced plastic) allows the W-Tank® to realise sizeable savings from reduced installation times, fewer personnel, lower logistics cost and a reduction in material costs. With an increase in the W-Tank® capacity of up to 10 million litres and a maximum height of 11 meters it really does offer the versatility a traditional tank installation would not.

The W-Tank® series prides itself on its corrosion resistance, durability, versatility and the outstanding mechanical and chemical properties provided by a modular bolted system, these properties have enabled the installation of digesters, storage and settling tanks on all five continents. The W-Tank® series has been installed in a variety of diverse locations including the remote jungles of Indonesia, the dessert head of Dubai to the icy cold steppe of Russia. Regardless of geography if your requirements are in the UK, Mexico or Australia W-Tank® has been installed swiftly and cost effectively. W-Tank® is supporting the upgrade of British water treatment facilities with Anglian Water on a number of projects allowing the cost effective roll out to multiple small and large sites enabling smaller difficult to access sites to upgrade the settlement capacity with ease.

W-Tank® is fabricated with the use of a flex moulding process with a high glass fibre content arranged in the direction of stress leading to high mechanical strength. Injection of a reactive polymer under pressure in a controlled vacuum onto specially arranged fibres allows the impregnation of the fibres within a closed mould (Flex Moulding), reducing waste and eliminating emissions from the process. W-Tank® manufacture creates a composite material with a ratio of 75% fibre to 25% resin allowing reduced weight and consequently reduced cost yet ten times more resistant to environmental degradation than traditional GRP.

W-Tank® properties make it ideal for applications such as the storage of acids or corrosive liquids found in leachates or tailings ponds, high salinity water from the desalination or industrial food canning, but also the storage of halogens such as fluoride, chlorine or Iodine in the water treatment industry. W-Tank® has application in industry to store oils, contaminated water or dry materials with each plate of the W-Tank® capable of being thermally insulated to enable it to be used as part of the storage or treatment process allowing digesters to retain heat or to prevent stored water from freezing.

W-Tank® achieved the recognition of Aquatech Mexico in the LATAM awards as it is the largest bolted storage tank made from GRP in the world. It comes as recognition to the hard work and dedication that Toro has put into developing this market leading product and will only serve to boost the enthusiasm of the technical team to develop the product further pushing the innovation and application as far as possible.

W-Tank® applications

  • Industrial wastewaters

  • Municipal wastewaters

  • Potable water

  • Desalination

  • Dry bulk products Agriculture

  • Industrial liquids, Bioenergy

  • Biodigester

  • Separation in existing storage tanks.

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