Toro Equipment and Indemat inaugurated new factory in Villavaquerín

The president of the region Castilla and Léon, Juan Vicente Herrera, inaugurated the new factory of Toro Equipment and Indemat in Villavaquerín on Friday the 17th of January.
Three production lines coexist in this factory with an area of 7000m2.

1. – Production line of dissolved air flotation units (F.A.D.) TORO EQUIPMENT S.L.
The flotation units are the flagship products. They eliminate fats and other suspended solids from contaminated water. Toro Equipment is one of the world’s leaders in the production of dissolved air flotation units.

2. – Production line of compact plants/containers. TORO EQUIPMENT S.L.
The shipping containers are transformed into technical buildings of a water-treatment plant without loosing their characteristics as a standard transportation element. They allow Toro Equipment to expand their commercial boundaries.

3. – Fabrication of composite material. Indemat S.L.
Initially Indemat has been producing tanks made out of fiberglass for the flotation units. The great optimization effort of these components since the beginning of the production line in 2009 lead to a tremendously dynamic laboratory which creates new products, materials and ideas.

The president of the region Castilla and Léon was accompanied by the councillor of economy Tomás Villanueva and the councillor for the environment Antonio Silván.

After visiting the installations, the mayor of Villavaquerín showed his satisfaction for the first industrial company which settled in his village. Santiago Salcedo, CEO of the two companies, showed his intention of Castilla and Léon being his showcase to show is products to the rest of the world, watch the speech here.
Juan Vicente Herrera praised the entrepreneur, the industrial delegation and all the other businessmen for the task of “building” a modern economy.

Watch video highlights.

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