The importance of automation in water treatment processes.

The automation of DAF units, filter presses and other chemical dosing systems manufactured by Toro Equipment.

Accompanied by Pablo Pérez (Automation Manager), we set out to discover the benefits of automation for the machines manufactured by Toro Equipment and their integration into the company’s own equipment and processes and those of third parties.

Pablo Pérez explained the connection between Toro Equipment’s machines once they are incorporated into a WTP in the following words: “our switch panels communicate with the machinery” and “our machines communicate with one another”.

During the day, those present were able to observe the intuitive operation of the switch panels incorporated into every machine, as well as the alarm displays. The switch panels fitted to Toro Equipment machines all feature the same design to ensure that customers can easily familiarise themselves with the systems.

As for connections between machines, the training session focused on the benefits of machines operating independently or depending on another machine via ethernet.

What’s more, Toro Equipment machines can be automatically linked to others by connecting them to the same ethernet network. Download connection and network options here

Another feature offering significant benefits to customers is the versatility of the switch panels, which are programmed in five languages by default, with the option of adding more languages upon request.

Dissolved air flotation units, automatic polyelectrolyte plants and all other machines can be reset to their initial parameters at any time.

The programming carried out at Toro Equipment is based on the features of each individual machine, differentiating it from conventional programming.

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