Supply of 3 W-Tank® and 2 Containerised Plants in Trinidad and Tobago

We receive this picture from Trinidad and Tobago They are about a supply of 3 W-Tank® combined with 2 containerised plants. The tanks supplied are for:

  • Biological treatment, W-Tank® Bio model N14D10,1H5 with hypar cover; Volume 400m³.
  • Equalisation W-Tank® model N8D5,8H5 with hypar cover; Volume 131m3.
  • Thickener tank, W-Tank® thickener, model N6D4,4H2; Volume 31m³.

W-Tank® is built in GRP, a free-corrosion material which allows assembling these kind of tanks all over the world.

Installation has been completed with two containerised plants in 40″ containers. Upper container hosts an Anaconda® FRC10 dissolved air flotation (DAF) unit and a Draco® FPA 80/20 filter press for sludge dewatering.

Lower container has the pumps and dosing systems, an automatic plant of polyelectrolyte preparation and a lime dosing hopper (PAP 3C 500 y TDC 600). It also includes a W-Tank® built in within the container itself for sludge conditioning.

This plant has been supplied for the treatment of a 20,000 GPC flow, equivalent to 76m3/day.

Treatment plants pre-assembled in containers allow us to meet our client’s demand worldwide. We transform maritime containers into real technical buildings that enable us to install a treatment plant in a short period of time, factory tested and ready to install.

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