New Showcases for Dossing Pumps manufactured by Toro Equipment

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Toro Equipment launches the new Showcases for Dossing Pumps made in GRP

The new Showcases for Dossing Pumps by Toro Equipment are made in GRP (Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic), transparent polycarbonate and high-density polyethylene. This showcases are completely standardised and ready to assemble. Their composition in GRP gives them total resistance to corrosion and more durability than the conventional ones. The new Showcases are designed for being installed both inside and outside in wastewater treatment plants.

The body of the showcases is made in GRP and the walls are easily detachable for facilitating maintenance tasks of the Dossing Pumps. The frontal screen is made in transparent polycarbonate to allow visualising the Dossing Pump from outside. At the bottom, the anti-drip tray is made in PEHD (polythene high-density).

There are two types of Showcases for Dossing Pumps:

  • Duero model: Is made up of two bodies for placing two Dossing Pumps, one above the other. The measurements are 382 mm width, 1098 mm height and 330 depth (382 x 1098 x 330 mm).
  • Adaja model: Showcase made by one body for supporting one Dossing Pump. As well as Duero model, it has 382 mm width and 330 mm depth but the height is 660 (382 x 660 x 330 mm).

The Showcases for Dossing Pumps from Toro Equipment are designed for placing any type of dossing pump. These arrive to client hands in cardboard packaging and ready to assemble.

If you want more information about Showcases for Dossing Pumps, click here.

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