Defender HPS sieve, high capacity rotary sieves

The rotary sieve for large flows by Toro Equipment, the range HPS.

These wastewater pretreatment equipments are very compacts, they have got similar dimensions to Defender® TR 63 range but higher filtration capacity.

HPS rotary screen are appropriated to treat large flows thanks to its design, they are able to treat rated flows from 133 m3/h (584 US gallons/min) to 5.874 m3/h (25,862 US gallons/min) for drums with grating mesh, and from 170 m3/h (749 US gallons/min) to 2.331 m3/h (10,263 US gallons/min) for drums with perforated mesh.

It requires a minimum flow of 60% of rated flow for an effective operation.

Space where the rotary sieve will be placed is a key factor to consider in the choice of the most suitable sieve for a project, because the HPS sieve has got the water inlet flange at the back of the machine and the water outlet flanges and overflow flange on the side of it, meanwhile other Defender® range have got the flanges at the back of the equipment.

Depending of the environmental conditions and the type of wastewater to filtrate in which the sieve will be installed will choose a HPS rotary sieve made of AISI 316L or 304 stainless steel.

Toro Equipment offers the possibility of increasing the number of water inlet flanges depending on the case.

Safety and accessibility, values that Toro Equipment has always got in mind in the design of its equipments, are also presents in Defender®rotary sieves. They include a protective cover of the drum screen and emergency stop.

To achieve a high quality in our products and services, Toro Equipment, has developed and implanted a system of Quality management in conformity with the norm UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008, and CE Certificate.

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