Toro Equipment celebrates the Summer Day

Toro Equipment Jornada de Verano

The Summer Day was held in Villavaquerín and there were Spanish paella, bouncy castles and concerts

Summer Days and Team Building

Toro Equipment has celebrated the traditional Summer Day this last weekend in Villavaquerín. In this occasion, the day has been thought to enjoy the countryside family day. But in previous years, this day have been aimed to strengthen the Team Building or to the accomplishment of team sports in natural environments. In this way, Toro Equipment team has participated in Canoeing days around the Gorges of the Duratón River Nature Reserve or around the Castilla Canal, fun activities in pine forest or traditional capeas.

This type of Team Building days increase the confidence and the exchange of ideas and suggestions, reinforce the affinity between colleagues, create a more comfortable working atmosphere and promote confidence-building between members. In this way, they strengthen the sense of belonging to the company and enhance the solidarity and collaboration between workmates.

Countryside Day 2018

The Summer Day of this year started with the speech of Santiago Salcedo, Toro Equipment CEO. It was about achievements to date and some goals to reach in short and medium term. During the speech there was time to recognize the work of lunch & cleaning ladies who take care of the well-being of the whole team and to give the presents to the colleagues who add up 10 years at Toro Equipment team.

After the speech, there was a snack to prepare the traditional paella. Then, the kids had fun in bouncy castles while the concert was being prepared. Dos de Picas entertained the party during the evening. They played a lot of enjoyable and varied versions of national and international pop and rock.

From Toro Equipment we would like to thank Villavaquerín Council and all the neighbors their availability and their good deeds to make this possible. And we would also like to thank all the team members and your companions to turn this Summer Day into a Day to be remembered.

Thank you all!



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