Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturer


07.05.2019 | Composites in H.T.D.S Water

On May 22 Toro Equipment will participate in the III Conference on new materials, products and services for desalination and reuse organized by AEDyR. The appointment will be in Madrid at the College of Roads, Canals and Ports. The need to develop sustainable technologies for the production and consumption of energy and transport make Toro […] Read More

12.04.2019 | Interview with Juan Carlos Rodríguez, Production Manager of Wastewater Containerised Plants in Toro Equipment

Today we talk with our partner – Juan Carlos Rodríguez – about the significance of FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) in the value chain of Toro Equipment company. What exactly are these tests and why are they so important? Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) are tests which assess the equipment during and after its manufacturing, verifying they […] Read More